Imperial College London

Graduated 2012 with MEng in Mechanical Engineering receiving three awards for academic excellence (1st class honours, 99% percentile). The fourth and final year was on exchange at University of California, Berkeley. Both universities offer world class teaching and research in Mechanical Engineering: University Ranking: Mechanical Engineering (opens in new window). Academic Transcript from Imperial College is available here. Additional awards and certificates are found here.

Award-winning Solar Stirling Project

The third year project was a group endeavour to define a task and implement a suitable solution in accordance with the framework Design, Make and Test. Our project brief was to design and manufacture a device to track the sun and simultaneously convert solar power into mechanical power using an existing Stirling engine. At the conclusion of the project (before dead-line and on budget) the energy converter was successfully tracking the sun and converting solar power into mechanical power. The high temperature required for Stirling engine operation was achieved by concentrating the rays through a Fresnel lens. Our group won the award for Best group project in the third year. More details on dedicated page for Solar Stirling project.

Solar Stirling