Imperial College Alumni

In the early summer of 2015 I was interviewed by the Imperial College Alumni Office about my work at InnoVentum and my best advice to current students. Read the full story here: Imperial College Alumni Story

Elbilen i Sverige

Elbilen i Sverige is a Swedish magazine covering the development of electric vehicles and technologies pertaining to carbon free transport. In their issue 3/2015 I gave an interview about how the InnoVentum Giraffe 2.0 charging station is using renewable materials and solar/wind hybrid power generation to optimize production and maximize sustainability.

InnoVentum-Giraffe-2-smallConstruction Week Online

Construction Week Online covers news and current trends in the construction sector. During ConExpo 2014, a Las Vegas construction equipment trade show, Volvo CE presented their 2030 vision for sophisticated and environmentally friendly excavation by unveiling the GaiaX concept model. In the following article I was interviewed about the philosophy that ultimately shaped the design of both the hardware and software of the concept.


Volvo GaiaX 2030 concept model with Augmented Reality user interface. Photo: Construction Week Online