I chose to devote my university education to broad learning on different energy conversion concepts. In no particular order I studied Concentrated Solar Power, Ocean Wave Energy, Photovoltaics and Nuclear Fission. Alright, there were also brief stints of Wind Power and Nuclear Fusion.

I graduated as top mechanical engineering student from Imperial College London and University of California, Berkeley. Upon graduation I opted for widening the scope of my technical skills by diving into IT. Perhaps a child of my time I chose to specialize on mobile platforms with their corresponding tools and programming languages. Following a period of self-learning I started developing mobile applications professionally. Having completed a few small apps for local businesses I subsequently moved on to developing national and global apps for larger companies such as Hertz and Volvo Construction Equipment.

Technologies pertaining to both energy conversion and IT have always been global in nature which can possibly explain how a technologist like myself can also be so fond of linguistics. As a consequence of my faiblesse for foreign tongues I decided in my late teens to leave my native Sweden to pursue further knowledge in French and Spanish. Living in Paris, Nice and Barcelona has enriched me with irreplaceable and very fond memories and I still enjoy practicing both Spanish and French whenever opportunity arises.